What Type of Paint To Use For a Projector Screen?

Are you in search of what type of paint to use for the projector screen? Yes, you must want to know what type and color of paint will suit the projector screen. After all, it is hard for you to snuggle for the whole day for indoor activities in the homes due to weather, seasons, or pandemic. You will wish to get the best entertainment plan for it.

Here you can add one life to your entertainment activities. It can be equally excellent and enthralling to watch sports and movies inside the home with the right type of paint to use for a projector screen. Undoubtedly, the projector screen is equally important as the projector itself.

What type of paint to use for the projector screen?

Investment in the projector can make a hole in your pocket. So if you wish for a cheap alternative, you can choose what type of paint to use for a projector screen as well as its color. There should be smooth finishing of the paint on your projector screen. Moreover, it must not give a dull appearance, and the least amount of light reflects.

However, you can choose the color of paint for the projector screen according to four factors:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Finishing
  • The brightness of the projector
  • Personal requirements and needs

Let us dive into know all of these factors in detail:


Are you still struggling to know what type of paint to use for a projector screen? We can help you out in your quest. The paint with matte or flat touch is the ideal choice for the excellent paint for projector screen. However, you must not be in favor of a glossy finish because it will be highly reflective. Sherwin Williams projector screen paint is a big no because it has the ultimate glossy look that you don’t want for the projector screen.

On the other hand, paints like the projector screen paint of Dulux are not less than a blessing to make your search and task much easier. Undoubtedly, you will get a dull picture with a flat and matte finish. Glossy paint can obstruct clear images due to excessive reflection.

Hold on! There is something more to it! Do you need to worry about the best paint color for your projector screen?

Color of the projector screen’s paint

You need to focus and search over the plethora of various colors for the right color for your projector screen. The factors determine the selection of your paint color.

Projector’s brightness

You need to remember the foremost important point that the white color of the screen is highly preferable because of the power to reflect more night. However, if your projector does not have a natural and perfect bright light, you must run after the gray projector screen.

Such projectors with substantial gain demand white screens of projectors for maximum reflection of light. Therefore, the picture remains real without showing the effects of being washed away or dull.

Hold on! If your projector is bright enough to emit more than 3000 lumens, then you hit the nail. You are free to choose a gray or white screen considering the following two factors below mentioned.

 2. Lighting of the ambiance

Your projector screen wall has to consider the screen painting of the color according to the quantity of ambiance lighting inside the room. Be happy if your room’s ambiance has ample light; choose white paint for your projector screen. It will be highly reflective to give you quality entertainment time.

However, gray can be another choice for the relatively dark and less lit room. It has a less reflective quality. If you wish to experience an authentic cinematic experience during a movie, you need to darker your room. Ensure to have a less reflective surface that will reflect fewer light reflections from everywhere, like walls.

3. Personal Choice

Here comes the primary factor to let you determine the color of the wall. There will be astounding vibrancy and color reproduction with less vivid black displays of the images on the projector screen of white paint.

Contrary, you will experience an enhanced contrast ratio with vivid blacks on gray-colored projector screens. However, you have to compromise on the vibrancy and color of the images.

Therefore, it turns out to be ultimately the choice of the viewer. White will be perfect for colorful and vibrant images. But deeper and improved blacks can only be the threat of grey screens of projectors.

4. Is 3D your prime area of interest to watch?

The 3D movies take you to an entirely new world with a dimer look than usual due to the tint of 3D glasses. A more reflective screen for 3D movies can be a perfect choice. White-colored painted screens are highly recommended for 3D movies.

Have a look at these best 3D projectors under 3000 to pick the long-lasting one.

Special paints for projector screen

Projector Screen Paint

Special screen paints are the instant name that pops in our mind for the projectors. These paints are readily available. Their formulation aims to provide a remarkable home theatre experience.

The majority of the renowned brands like Paint on Screen come up with the paints with the ideal formulation to match up your setup.

That’s not all!

You need to think about it once more because these are a bit pricey. The paint range lies at $150-$200 on each paint gallon. However, not to worry much if the budget doesn’t suit you, look for other options of paints at the hardware shops.

Are there other choices of paint?

Acrylic paint is the other choice to enthrall home theater lovers. You need to remember that it is not the cheapest one, but indeed a reason DIY choice.

Latex paint is the cheapest of all. It comes up with the shortest duration of the home theater’s setup’s paints. Latex has the easiest application. Every gallon of it offers broader coverage in comparison to acrylic and screen types paints.

Satin-finished paints are the other star performs yet remain pocket friendly. Satin is a perfect source for accurate colors because it strikes the correct balance between reflection and absorption.

Is painting the projector screen possible by yourself?

Yes, you can do it on your own. When you have selected the type and color of the paint to use for a projector screen, you must know how to apply it step by step. Have a look at the steps to paint the wall of the projector screen.

Choose the right wall

It cannot be any wall of your house. The wall must be large and spacious enough to perfectly accommodate the screen’s size while there is little space on its edges. Various input sources provide multiple dimensions of the displayed images. It ensures the wall is spacious to entertain a diverse range of the photos displayed.

Prepare and apply on your wall

Use sandpaper and putty for the uneven textures. Clean the wall with spray water and detergent. Put a primer if the wall has a different color than your projector screen. Your projector paint will enhance your cinematic experience.

Learn how you can clean your projector screen with a few easy techniques. Also, check out our guide about how to hang a projector screen on the wall and set up your own home theater.


In a nutshell, you know what type of paint to use for a projector screen. So, no more wastage of extra bucks on popcorn, tickets, and shows. You can enjoy a thoroughly cinematic experience at your home. All you need to do is choose wisely.

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