Best Projector Under 150 of 2022 – Complete Guide

Best Projector Under 150

A long time ago, people were used to watching movies and cartoons on the television and for video games. Many of them even depend on television. They used to consider TV or other mediums to be more comfortable, reasonable, and user-friendly, but their misconceptions were due to unawareness from the projector. Projectors are not expensive; …

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BenQ TH685 Review: The Pros, Cons and Verdict

BenQ TH685

When it comes to projectors, few brands have made as strong of an impact on the industry as the BenQ brand has. They offer a wide range of different kinds of projectors that can be used in any situation and for any purpose. These include their home entertainment projectors, their portable projectors, and their Home …

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How to Hide Projector Wires? Ultimate Guide 2022

How to Hide Projector Wires

So the new projector in your home or office. Now you have accomplished the projector fitting, the picture settings, and your projector installation. It’s high time to enjoy your movie night or presentation with the boss. But guess what? The ugly looking wires are all around the hall. The clean freak person inside you can’t …

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How to Clean a Projector Screen in 5 Easy Steps

How to Clean a Projector Screen

The center of attention of any theater room is the projector screen. No matter how clean we keep the projector lens, how powerful speakers you add in the theater room: if the screen is dusty, then there will be no fun. How to clean a projector screen and to achieve a crystal clear screen is not …

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What are the Best Picture Settings for Projectors?

Best Picture Settings for Projectors

So, you have decided to bring the cinema to your home! All you need is a room, some blackout shades, some sitting arrangements, and a good quality projector. But if it’s your first time then you might not know that: what are the best picture settings for projectors? To enjoy the best features of your …

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