Optoma HD243X vs HD143X Review – Comparison 2022

The most in-demand technique in home entertainment is upgrading the living room; from a boring TV to a big-screen home theater with a small projector. For this, two versatile and best portable projectors are always in debate; Optoma HD243 vs HD143. They both make it easier than ever to watch movies, games, shows, and all the content with a great cinematic experience along with a bright display even in the middle of the day.

Optoma is one of the companies known for having high-quality from good to excellent movie and gaming projectors. On top of that, one can get their cost-effective projectors at an affordable price under 500. Two of the most popular home theater and gaming projector models in the Optoma line are the HD243x and the HD143x. Both of these projectors strike a great balance between performance and value.

The Optoma HD143X and HD243X projectors are some of the best budget-priced projectors. They represent low-cost home entertainment and cheap gaming projector that deliver the best values on all of the accounts. With these projectors, you are capable of watching movies, handling sports, and not to mention playing video games.

  • Bright color, clear images, and sharp pictures.
  • These small projectors are ideal for a variety of environments; be indoor at home in a media room/living room or be outdoor.
  • The minimal lag time will provide a better experience of fast action movies.
  • You can use your big screen for sports and gaming too.

While comparing the two models Optoma HD243x vs HD143x, the HD243x is seen as a slight upgrade and a better overall projector than the HD143x. The Optoma HD243x price exceeds the Optoma HD143x price along with the rating of 7.3 out of 10 based on every aspect. On the other hand, the HD143X has a total rating of 6.6 out of 10 which does not make it a bad buy at all.

This review is undoubtedly worth your attention. The closer familiarity with the Optoma HD143X vs. HD243x will let you dig deeper to understand the aesthetics and the functional features of the model and help you to find a good projector for you.

Striking Similar Features

Although there are plenty of theater and gaming projectors that are better suited for the home environment, it would be hard-pressed to select one that competes with price and delivers the overall value.

However, because Optoma projector devices are known for box color.  The particular similar feature present on both of the Optoma HD143X and HD243X is the Dynamic Black. Dynamic Black acts as a dynamic iris that is responsible for improving the black level performance and producing deeper blacks.

For gamers who are interested in purchasing a cheap gaming projector, these two models Optoma HD243x and HD143x are undeniable to consider. These projector models have the lowest input lag measurement: 16ms which is suitable when it comes to projector gaming and gamers rejoice. It is good for hard-core competitive gamers as well as for professional streamers too.

Both of these projectors, HD143X and HD243X have the same resolution and 3D support to strike a greater balance between performance and value. So, if you’re watching movies or 3D content they both are ideal to get you covered. They also have:

  • RGBCYW color wheel: For broader reproduction of the color spectrum which allows the projector to produce more white lumens and results in a clear, brighter, and colorful picture.
  • Calibration Modes: For improving the image quality according to your fancy when projectors produce a great image.

Differences Among Features:

The debate of Optoma HD243x vs. HD143x shows they are similar in many aspects. Both are the best mini projectors that are equally designed for indoor and outdoor purposes and have the same portability to move from one place to another.

However, the following review on Optoma HD243x vs. HD143x home theater and gaming projectors will guide you in detail about the difference in features.

1. Brightness Level:

A bright lamp is the most important factor when the space isn’t under light control. According to the terms of value proposition, the Optoma HD143X and the Optoma HD243X projectors are undeniable and can’t be beaten when placed against the other projectors in this category for high lumen claim and a host of features.

Although both of them fall into the bright room projectors category that is also incredible as a gaming projector. However, the Optoma HD143x has a claimed 3,000 lumens, at the lower end of the acceptable range.

While on the other hand, HD243x has a brighter lamp with 300 more making this projector a total of 3300 lumens which is less likely to look washed out when the room has little to no control due to ambient light and won’t stop you from watching your favorite shows.

Brighter projector: Optoma HD243x with 3300 lumens

2. Sharpness and Resolution

Both of these projectors, the Optoma HD143X, and the newer one HD243X are native 1080p resolution projectors.

However, the HD243x is an Optoma DLP projector that pairs with an upgraded DLP processing chip. As a result, it gives the image an overall sharper look with little to no motion blur and no fuzzy pixels. Optoma HD243x also has a higher contrast ratio as compared to HD143x which gives the screen an in-depth detail of darker areas.

Better sharpness and resolution: Optoma HD243x with Value Home Entertainment Award – the honor of Best in Class

3. Durability and Build Quality:

The two most important factors for a projector are:

  • The build quality of the casing
  • The durability and longevity of the lamp

Build Quality: Both HD143x and HD243x are sturdy and strong enough for basic home entertainment purposes and gaming use. Although, they are made of strong plastic and are the best portable projectors unless they are dropped or damaged. So still, you need to be careful while carrying from place to place.

Durability: When it comes to the durability and longevity of the lamp, Optoma projectors can serve you well for years. However, the HD243x pairs with an upgraded lamp that will give you an experience of longer and stronger performance for many years to come. In both cases i.e. HD243x and HD143x you will find the quality and the typical lifespan of the lamp.

Most durable and high-build quality projector: Optoma HD243x With up to 15,000 hours (over 10 years when using projector 4 hours/day).

Optoma HD243X vs HD143X Parallel Comparison Chart

FeaturesOptoma HD243XOptoma HD143X
Brightness (Lumens)33003000
Contrast Ratio24,000:123,000:1
4K Projector Short Throw Ratio1.47-1.62:11.47-1.62
Screen size28”-301”up to 300”
Lamp lifeReaches up to 15,000 hoursReaches up to 12,000 hours
Input lag16ms16.4ms
Resolution abbreviationFull HDFull HD
Remote controlYesYes
SecurityNoKensington lock, password protection
Wireless connectionNoNo
VGA input00
Integrated speakersYesYes
Size W x H x D, сm/inches31.7 x 10.6 x 24.6/12.5 x 4.2 x 9.731.7 x 10.6 x 24.6/12.5 x 4.2 x 9.7
Price Check Price Check Price

Full Review: Optoma HD243x vs HD143x

1. Full Reviews and Specs of Optoma HD143X

Optoma HD143X Affordable High Performance 1080p Home Theater Projector

HD143X is a Full HD 1080p Optoma projector that is a perfect all-rounder for watching movies and live sports on a big screen. They are quite comfortable and easy to mount.

The projector is ideal for connecting all kinds of content sources from the laptop, PC to Blu-ray player, or any console. By choosing the Optoma HD143X you will get the following specs list:

  • Minimal Latency With Decent 3D Support
  • Boast Of Supreme Color Technology
  • Real Lifelike Color Coverage And Vibrant Images
  • An integrated speaker
  • 2 HDMI connectors
  • HDMI adapter plug in to run the projector in a smart mode

Another feature of the Optoma HD143x is that it reduces the lamp life while switching to the higher-performance modes as low as 4,000 hours. The HD143x is a considerably cheap gaming projector but has the same levels of input lag down mode as Optoma HD243x.

Optoma HD143X 3D Support

The fan buzzing sound of Optoma HD143x is rather quiet, so you can only notice it in the conditions of relative silence. A 10W mono speaker of this small projector can provide good enough volume in a small room and the sound also remains smooth at the maximum volume level.

Optoma HD143X Picture Quality

The brightness and contrast ratio is lower in the HD143x as compared to the HD243x. According to the users, the differences are slightly noticeable but functionally they work equally in your living room.

Optoma HD143X Pros and Cons


  • Produces high-quality and incredibly sharp pictures with a realistic images.
  • Colors are vivid and blacks are truly deep directly from the box, without additional adjustments and rainbow effect.
  • No noticeable Zero lags even when connecting to consoles.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • The brightness of the lamp is sufficient enough to moderately light the rooms.
  • 3D content is capable.
  • Lightweight and best mini projector perfect for outdoor use.
  • Eco-friendly: No fast heating and no loud fan buzzing sound.
  • Perfect 1080p resolution for a cinema experience.
  • Lamp durability lasts for 12000 hours.


  • It does not support Bluetooth: Need a separate transmitter to sync up.
  • The lamp doesn’t last as long in high-performance modes.
  • Chips get burned out and need to be changed after every few months.
  • The image is slightly uneven while placed on the ground.
  • Sometimes difficult to create a regular rectangle.

2. Full Review and Specs of Optoma HD243X

Optoma HD243X High Performance Projector for Movies and Gaming

The Optoma HD243x is a new-age user-friendly for home theatre and also an ideal projector for office needs. The lamp is bright enough you don’t need to adjust the light levels according to day or night you’ll still get high crisp and sharp pictures.

You can switch from your TV box to a complete viewing party in little to no time. It is a highly responsive gaming projector with a low lag time for serious gamers. The dual HDMI ports let you plug in your game system or to any content sources.

Optoma HD243X Enhanced Gaming Mode

Moreover, HD243x can also produce a large variety of image sizes on the diagonal —from 22” to 300” (0.71 to 7.66 m). If you’re unlikely to want this big screen in your living room, you can take your projector for the driveway also. With only 9 pounds, the HD243x has greater portability to use anywhere.

Optoma HD243X Features

The Optoma HD243X projector is a portable machine. The specs comprise of:

  • Widescreen format: 1920×1080
  • Optoma projector DLP displays technology: 1 matrix
  • Contrast ratio: 24000: 1
  • Luminous flux: 3300 lumens
  • 1.1x optical zoom for flexible placement
  • Vertical distortion correction
  • Projection distance: 1 to 9.8 m

Optoma HD243X Pros and Cons


  • Bright and Long lamp life with a super sharp and vibrant image even in the light rooms.
  • Great compatibility with 3D Disc players and other latest consoles.
  • Shows low lag as a gaming projector.
  • Simple installation and align the image.
  • FHD resolution with Excellent contrast ratio for crisp pictures.
  • Amazing connectivity for HDMI, USB, 3D, 5mm Audio.


  • Dull colors and the dreaded rainbow effect are noticed as compared to other projectors.
  • Some users reported frustrations with the noise of the fan buzzing sound in the HD243.
  • Disappointing audio quality.

Also, check our other updated guide about the best home projectors under 300 to choose the right one that can fulfill your movie nights requirements.

Bottom Line

Optoma HD143X price and Optoma HD243X price are competitive because of the features they offer. In the best 4k projectors, the cost difference is slightly changed for the improvement in pictures on the HD243x. However, the Optoma HD143x can save a couple of hundred bucks along with not much compromise on work.

Most users of both gaming projector HD143x and HD243x are impressed by the crisp images and the game consoles whether Xbox or PlayStation has the same HD quality.

Buyers are also happy with the overall value by reporting the experiences as compared to other projectors that cost more. In our opinion whichever you choose, they both will represent a low-cost trend for home entertainment and you’ll be happy with the big screen with an Optoma projector.

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