How to Watch TV On Projector Without a Cable Box – Best Ways In 2022

Watching movies on wall-wide screens is great, but what about your favorite series and documentaries? Unwilling to give them up, you must’ve wondered how to watch TV on a projector without a cable box?

With everything turning compact, nobody wants the traditional cable box anymore. You wouldn’t want to miss your favorite show because of a box, right?

That is where we come in. We will go through all the things which will give the best TV experience on a projector screen!

Watching TV on A Projector – The Preliminaries

Watching TV on A Projector

TVs have built-in tuners which help them catch the air signals. Commonly, watching TV on a projector requires a cable box.

But when you are trying to find out how to watch TV on a projector without a cable box, you need some preliminaries.

These things are a must if you want to avoid the traditional cable box.


HDMI is a must if you want to break free from the box. Make sure that your projector has an HDMI port. If it’s not there, you need to get some video adapters.

Video adapters enable HDMI functionality for Non-HDMI devices. HDMI cables help connect your laptops and PCs to your projector.

2. Internet Access

When it comes to how to use a projector as a TV, internet access is a must. As we are running away from the cable box, the internet is the best substitute.

Streaming live shows and series needs high-speed internet.

An internet connection of 25 MB or higher will work the best. However, the charges for a higher bandwidth may be more. In the end, it will be a smart investment.

Wired internet connections retain the speed. Wi-Fi connections don’t have the same speed. No doubt, wireless connections are cleaner. But wired connections have the needed juice.

3. Mobile Devices

Now the next thing you need is a casting device. By casting, we mean a device that connects to the projector for playing media.

Android or iPhones work well. Most of the latest versions have a screencast feature. You can easily mirror the phone’s screen onto your projector in high quality.

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Popular Streaming Devices You Must Try

Now we know the main ingredients of how a projector can work as a TV. Let’s check out some other things to add to your experience.

1. Google Chromecast

A Google trinket perfectly answers your question of how to watch TV on a projector without a cable box.

It connects to your projector via HDMI. Your phone works as a remote control for the Chromecast. You can easily browse media on your phone and when you find the next episode of Squid Game. Just tap the play button.

2. Amazon Fire Stick

Looking for how to use a projector as a TV? Amazon Fire Stick can help. But before we go further, there is another name closely spoken with Amazon Fire Stick. It is the Roku streaming stick.

Both of these devices are similar. They have the same services and functionalities. The difference is the brand name.

It is a nice little Plug n Play device. Connect it to the HDMI port of your projector. Once done, you will find all the streaming apps. Download your favorite ones and enjoy.

3. Apple TV

Apple TV is larger than other streaming devices. You may need some spare space when using it.

By connecting it to the HDMI port of your projector you can access the most famous streaming platforms.

Access to Apple’s app store is a must for using Apple TV. Meaning it’s an option only iPhone users can use.

4. Home PC

The last and the most underrated answer to ‘how to watch TV on a projector without a cable box?’ Your dear PC is the best answer.

Above we have seen all the smart and plug N play options, but your PC has the same functions. You can stream Netflix, listen to Spotify playlists or project anything that is on your PC.

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Streaming Services for Using Projector as A TV

Streaming services play an important role when you don’t want to get stuck in hardware drama. There are tons of options out there. We will list some of the popular ones down for your convenience.

1. Hulu TV

One of the biggest platforms for streaming movies. You will find dozens of classic and latest movies here. It has the latest movies, and a recent addition also lets you stream live sports.

2. Sling TV

It is an app from which you can download and stream movies. You can download it on any of the streaming devices without hassle.

3. YouTube TV

How could someone forget YouTube while talking about streaming? You can watch anything here.

Latest news, music trends, or drama promos, everything is at your finger-tap!

4. PlayStation Vue

Projector owners usually turn out to be sports lovers, too. But, how to watch live sports on a projector with the same quality?

PlayStation Vue is at your service. It has live streaming for both sports and movies. There is an in-demand option if you miss the live show.


Turning your projector into a TV is no rocket science. It’s a simple plug N play. In this post, we highlighted some of the smart ways of watching TV on a projector.

So, with all that knowledge in your mind, we hope you get into additional hardware jargon now.

But if someone asks you how do you watch TV on a projector without a cable box. You give them the facts we tossed you.

Let’s do a quick recap. Gather the three essentials. The HDMI, internet access, and a connecting device.

Next, choose a reasonable streaming device and make sure it’s compatible with your projector. Once you do that, go and find a good streaming service.

The expenses of all these things will be far less than hardware maintenance.

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