Want to Test Whether the Projector Lamp is Bad or Not? | How You Can Do It?

A projector has many technical parts that work to operate the screen, but the fact is the parts are really sensitive to any damage. And the most common fault is associated with the lamp of the projector. A bad lamp costs much when you visit a technician to fix the fault, so if you want to save your money in your wallet, then you must know the condition of your lamp so that you can prevent it from unrepairable damage.

Usually, a projector has an average lamp life of 2000 hours which means it can last up to 4 to 6 years which is why it needs checking. The amazing fact is that learning about the projector’s condition is quite convenient as the maintenance needs a little technical knowledge.

Let’s have a closer look at the steps you can follow to test the projector lamp!

Some Major Signs that Projector Lamp is Bad

Before knowing the procedure of how to test a projector lamp is bad? It is important to know how a lamp looks when its condition becomes worse. Here are some major signs that depict the projector lamp needing some maintenance.

Scroll ahead to know them one by one!

  1. The most common sign of bad lamp condition is the dim light. This not only happens with a projector lamp, but this is a sign in all the bulbs. When it starts wearing out, it loses its brightness.
  2. Secondly, spots start appearing on the screen. Some blue spots become prominent, which depicts it needs to be replaced.
  3. When the lamp life is about to end, then it starts flickering, blowing, and dimmed, so you must check the lamp life before changing the bulb.
  4. When the lamp light starts flickering, it is a scary sign that your lamp life is about to an end and you have to replace it as soon as possible otherwise, the damage will become severe.
  5. The projector lamp produces the image displayed on the projector screen, so the most common and the easiest to know sign is the blown lamp, due to which the power will not be ON.

Guide to Test a Projector Lamp

If you think that your projector has worn out or burst, or not working well, and if you are curious to know the steps to test a projector lamp condition, then read this step-wise process which will act as a guide to illustrate the main points of how to test a projector lamp is bad? Have a look at them!

1. Check the Current Status of the Projector Lamp

Most modern projectors that are available in the market nowadays have a complete status of projector lamp life. If a user keeps checking the current status of the lamp’s life, then he can save the projector from lamp burst or any explosive failure that will be difficult to repair.

Generally, the lamp life of the projector ranges from 1500 hours to 3000 hours which can last up to 4 to 6 years. Whereas some expensive lamps have a greater lamp life of 4000 hours and can last a maximum of up to 8 to 10 years.

Here you can see some of the best projectors with good lamp life which can provide you long-term satisfaction.

2. Analyze the Problem

The traditional old projectors and even the old versions of the screens do not have a feature that shows the current status of the lamp life. In that case, you have to locate the issue by yourself. Here are some different issues that can occur inside the projector, but all these problems are associated with the bad lamp state.

So if there is any change in the color contrast and the brightness of the picture displayed on the projector, it means the lamp is started wearing out. If the image is flickering on the screen, it is another sign of a damaged lamp. And when the projector completely dies, the image will not appear on the screen even if the projector is powered ON.

3. Replace it Immediately

Projector lamps have a pretty long life span, and they are more durable and reliable than light bulbs, but this is also true that replacing a projector lamp is a heavy burden on your pocket. When you feel sure about the bad state of the projector lamp, then take it to an electronics store to test the condition and ask the technician to replace it if the problem can not be fixed.

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How to Test a Projector Lamp is Bad through Multimeter?

A multimeter is a special instrument used to test the projector lamp’s state. To check the completion of the circuit, a resistance test is performed by this instrument, and this is pretty easy if you are familiar with electronics or the physics of a multimeter.

Move ahead to know how to perform a resistance test!

  • Pull the electrical cord to disconnect the power connection to the projector, which may lead to a wrong reading on the multimeter.
  • Remove the lid, which is acting as a lamp casing. This can be easily done by unscrewing the screw.
  • Touch the terminals with the ends of the multimeter and make them contact.
  • There will be a spike appearing on the digital meter, while an analog meter will show 0.
  • If you observe any movement, it means the lamp is still not and can work properly after fixing the main issue.

***Going to a technician is a better suggestion, he will replace the lamp with the new one or as a bonus he may fix the issue too!

Final Words

Checking the lamp state is not a difficult task, especially if you know the basics. The two major signs that your lamp is a bad condition are the dim light and the spotted screen. You can locate the problem and can analyze it on your own with the help of a multimeter, and then further, you can take the lamp to the technician.

But if you have enough knowledge to fix the problem or if you can change the lamp, then do it carefully and dispose of the lamp safely so that you can not harm yourself and others. Hopefully, now ‘how to test a projector lamp is bad’ is not a daunting question for you!

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