How to Hide Projector Wires? Ultimate Guide 2022

So the new projector in your home or office. Now you have accomplished the projector fitting, the picture settings, and your projector installation. It’s high time to enjoy your movie night or presentation with the boss.

But guess what? The ugly looking wires are all around the hall. The clean freak person inside you can’t bear that. It’s hard to cover them up especially if you have a ceiling-mounted projector.

I am sure that you will be able to get rid of the mess in a way that even you will forget that they were there in the first place.

Let’s go and have a look at them. Choose the one that suits you according to your setup and type of projector and make them invisible.

How to Hide Projector Wires – Follow These Simple Steps

1. Use of cord covers

A cord cover is also available with the name of cable tunnel in the market. This is the most commonly used method to hide these ugly wires. These are made of metal or plastic and very easy to install.

You can attach them to the walls with adhesive tape or drilling. First, you have to measure the distance between the projector and the power outlet. Take the required length of cord cover and attach them to the wall.

After attaching them to the wall, you have to slide the cover and then tuck them inside.

They are available in different colors to match the color of your wall. Otherwise, you can paint them the same color as your wall.

They are good enough to hide the tangles of wires but still not totally invisible. Yet, they serve their purpose well and merge to your hall’s décor.

2. Hide the wires behind Crown Moldings

If your room has crown molding or you are planning to have it. It gives you another option to hide the wires, spread across your room.

Secure the wires with electrical staples or cable ties. Then place the crown molding over it to hide them completely.

If the crown molding is already installed then there is a little space that allows you to tuck the wires behind them.

If your room has regular molding, even then the wires can run along with it. Although it doesn’t hide the wires entirely, still they are less visible.

If your projector is at a distance from molding, then you have to cover the wires going from projector to molding.

To avoid it place the projector near the molding or else you can cover them with cable tunnels.

3. Run the cords through ceilings or walls

This is the most difficult yet the most productive way on how to hide wires from ceilings and walls. You can’t choose to do this procedure on your own unless you are an electrical expert.

You must have the knowledge of which wires to use and the ventilation of heat produced by them. You can spend some dollars and get it done by an expert.

The expert will drill a hole near the projector, feeding the wires inside and running them through to the power outlet.

This is the permanent solution because the wires are completely hidden.

If you have a gallery or attic with a powerful plug-in near your projector placement, then you can make use of that too. Just run your wire from the projector to the attic and you are done.

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4. Double-duty of soundproofing materials

If you have soundproofing materials to insulate the home theatre, it can serve its double duty. It can solve your problem of how to hide home theatre wires.

The soundproofing materials boost the full potential of audio along with the video. They can also serve to hide those bunches of wires underneath them making your room more presentable.

You can get them from the home or hardware store. You don’t have to spend a lot on them. You can use your thick tapestries, curtains, rugs, or drapes to soundproof your projector installation without drilling.

5. Utilize your furniture

If you don’t want to go into the effort of installing something, you can use your furniture cleverly.

You must have furniture around your room, where your projector is. You can simply sneak the wires behind the sofa, table, bookshelf, or whatever piece of furniture you have in your projector hall.

Tall cabinets are most functional in case you have a ceiling-mounted projector. You can place your projector on a table or shelf to hide the wires behind them.

This method is the least successful though. Yet it is easier to apply.

6. Let’s go wireless

Just imagine! You don’t have to go through how to hide wires from the ceiling.

Yeah! You guessed it right. You can also opt for wireless settings for your projector installation.

For that, you have to buy HDMI or USB wireless inputs for the projector. Plug the other end of the input into your screen or gaming device. However, going wireless removes the dangles of receiver wires only.

You still have to hide the power cable. For that, you can go for any of the above methods. You can also simply place your projector near a power outlet to avoid the hassle of hiding them.

Some general tips on hiding your wires

Now that we have presented you with the top 6 methods to hide those unsightly wires, still there are many other options. You can figure out the best method that works according to your room, space, and aesthetics.

Still, you can ponder on these points to finalize your approach:

What is the budget in hand to spend on hiding the wires?

Changing the placement of your projector near the power outlet.

If you actually don’t bother about the wires hanging around, a simple white tape might work for you to cover them.


The conclusion is that definitely there is a way to hide those wires and cables in sight. I hope that this article has helped you to have a clear idea about how to hide projector wires.

Go for the one option to hide and organize those pesky wires to give your room a neat and organized look.

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