How to Hang a Projector Screen on the Wall? 2022 Guide

Do you also have plans for this weekend, like a movie marathon night with friends, to end the boredom? Well, if you’ve then good for you after all nothing is better than the company of some precious friend.

However, should you not forget that going outside in a public place is the same as walking into the fire after the pandemic? No doubt we’ve to enjoy life, but safety always comes first. So it’s better to use a projector screen for a movie marathon night rather than going outside to the cinema.

Moreover, if you’re thinking about how to hang a projector screen on the wall so you can have a whale of a time with your friends, then this article is exactly what you want.

We’ve done extensive research and found an amazing way that is easy and useful. It means everyone can hang a projector screen on the wall through these methods.

Steps-by-Step Guide to Hang a Projector Screen On the Wall

Before we start with the methods, there are some essential things you should know.

Tools You Need To Hang a Projector Screen On The Wall

The things you need are tools, not one but various tools to set the projector screen on the wall. If you have these tools, then well and good otherwise, you can purchase or borrow them from your friends.

  • Drill to make holes in the wall.
  • Screw to set the mount.
  • Wall mount bracket or command hook to hang projector screen.
  • Stud sensor to find the studs in the wall.
  • Laser-level machine for perfect aligning.
  • Don’t forget to use a mask and safety goggles if you want to protect yourself from dust while drilling.

Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount?

Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount

You may have heard of ceiling and wall mount, and If you’re confused about how both will look in your room, then here’s the guide.

As you can see in the picture above, on one side, the projector screen is hanging from the ceiling it’s “ceiling mount.” The other side projector screen is not hanging from the top. Instead, it is hanging on the wall through the wall mount.

Not to forget, it’s an important decision whether you want to hang the projector screen on the wall through a ceiling mount or a wall mount. Though both work amazing and have different benefits, the wall mount is easy to install compared to the ceiling mount, and the ceiling mount saves the wall space, which you can use for anything.

In short, it depends on you what you want, but if we talk about the majority, then wall mounting is a great and easy solution for anyone. That’s why we’ll share with you two easy ways below so you can hang the screen on the wall.

Decide the Place to Hang Projector Screen

After deciding the wall mount option to hang the screen, you should consider the place to hang the projector screen. So choose the room and the wall and start the process of changing the screen.

Note: Don’t forget to place the projector screen in a position that is easily viewable from anywhere in the room.

Method No 1 – How to Mount a Fixed Projector Screen on Dry Wall?

Step One

The first thing you’ve to do after selecting the wall is, hold the stud finder. Then use it by moving it all over the wall and finding the studs. The machine will detect the studs automatically, so mark the area with the pencil.

Note: This step is significant since the screen can fall if you don’t follow this step correctly and hang it anywhere with carelessness.

Step Two

After finding the studs on one side, do the same procedure again and detect the studs on the second side. Make sure to use a laser level machine to align both sides of the wall mount bracket evenly. Also, mark the area of the stud with the pencil.

Step Three

Use a drill and make a hole in the marked area where you used the machine to find the studs. Do this procedure carefully; wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself from the dust.

Step Four

Now it’s time to use the wall mount bracket which you’ve purchased. So hold one side of the bracket and attach it to the wall with the screw carefully. After that, repeat the step for the second bracket and attach it to the wall.

Step Five

Now you can hang a projector screen on the wall with the help of these brackets. Do not forget that you’ve to work carefully while attaching the screen to the bracket.

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Method No 2 – How to Mount a Projector Screen Without Drilling?

The method we shared above is perfect for a person who wants a permanent project screen in their home. But if you only want to use it one time without drilling the hole and on a low budget, then you should go for the solution, which is “Command Hook.”

This question might ring the bell to your mind, is the command hook reliable and safe to hang a projector screen on the wall?

Yes, it is secure and reliable. You can find many hooks that can carry weight even up to 30 pounds. So, don’t worry about the security of your projector screen.

The good thing is you can purchase these hooks from the local market at a low price, and it is also easy to install. You only have to buy and attach it to the wall; then you can hang the screen without any difficulty.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our post about how to hang a projector screen on the wall. If you have any other questions or concerns about how to hang a projector screen on the wall or have any feedback for us, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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