How To Connect Tablet to Projector Wirelessly?

Are you tired of fumbling with the wires or carrying a heavy laptop for projecting your presentations? Here you go with dreams come true. This handy solution of connecting your tablet to the projector without wires will let you enjoy your professional life. Learn how to connect a tablet to a projector wirelessly.

There are numerous benefits for the wireless set-up to connect your tablets with the projectors. You will love to use various media sources for the projector.

It will save up your time from plugging and unplugging when you wish to change the sources. A wireless connection may sound something tech-savvy. But it only sounds hard.

Our comprehensive guide will provide you with complete detail to learn step by step how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly. It will be an effortless learning journey to get your tablet connected to the projector in 4 ways.

How to Connect Tablet to Projector Wirelessly?

Wireless projection lies in two approaches. One approach connects the tablet to the projector via USB for the transmission of data. The other one requires the connection of your tablet and projector to the existing network.

Make sure your tablet has Bluetooth support that is the standard in all of the best and mainstream tablets like Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus.

Unfortunately, you will not find such options in the few low-end models. Epson offers a network technique. Moreover, the manufacturing projectors have wireless networking or built-in Ethernet.

1. Bluetooth

Get ready to connect the Samsung tablet to the projector via USB. It is not a big hassle anymore. All you need to do is begin to connect the tablet via Bluetooth after activating this feature in your projector.

If the model already has Bluetooth features, you need to figure out whether it is menu selection or press or push the button. Dive in the four easy steps to learn how to connect a tablet to a projector wirelessly via Bluetooth:

Purchase a wireless dongle HDMI

Don’t choose any wired projectors to receive the data because these will need ports for the device. Moreover, there is no other way round to get through it.

Be happy; there is something more to it. You can cut down the need for a cord. The dongle has the feature of screen mirroring Miracast, so it will let you receive data wirelessly.

Tip 1: Look for the dongles with no lag time and great working with various devices.

You need to keep two things in mind when you purchase dongles:

  • It should provide support for the projector and tablet.
  • The other thing must be that the dongles support the right resolution, so the best tablet to connect to the projector turns out to be everyone’s cup of coffee.

Tip 2: Avoid using dongles that send 780p resolutions or lower than that. It will let your pictures be pixelated and very grainy. Many of the wireless dongles come up with max 1080p. 

The other thing you should worry about in your projectors is the lag time. It is essential for the projectors that you use for presentations or to play games. However, it turns out to be less worrying or impactful if you plan to use it to connect a tablet to send data- video content.

2. Plugin the dongle

Connect your dongle to the HDMI port of the projector. You can experience outstanding results by switching off the projector. Then, you can plug in the dongle in your extension cable- HDMI. If your dongle has this case, it will include such important steps in the manual of step-by-step instructions.

Plug your dongle into the HDMI slot and switch it on. At last, switch on the projector. It will be a precautionary measure to avoid numerous issues related to the projectors for not recognizing your dongle.

Also, you should double-check the projector’s signal source is set to the HDMI port.

3. Enable mirroring or connect to Wi-Fi

You can complete the set-up either following any of the two steps. Your wireless dongle’s kind will determine the duration of your set-up from this step.

If it has the communication through WiFi, make sure it has the same network connection as the network through which the tablet uses to send the content.

Now, you can name your dongle according to your choice. It is beneficial to title your device so you can easily find your desired device from numerous devices.

4. Enable the tablet’s Miracast and select your projector like a receiver

If you have an android device inclusive of fire tablets, the display section in the settings menu has the Miracast option. Switch on the “Enable wireless display” in the Apple devices’ Menu.

All of the available receivers will show up in the list. Select the dongle you wish to connect to the projector. Here you go, now you mirror anything on your tablet, on your projector.

Tip 3: If you get a prompt for a password, pin, or passcode, enter one for privacy. Now you will be ready for the projector’s transmission.

Presentation Apps

However, you can also come across presentation apps customized by some companies. They provide it with their projectors. Google play store has such third-party applications.

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Also, if you are having further issues while connecting your tablet to a projector then watch out the below video:


It is really simple to make your projector wireless. By the end of the article, you will learn how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly. No matter if you are not a tech-savvy person. Your ceiling-mounted projector will find the wireless set-up as a blessing with the elimination of cords.

You will love your experience of home theater with the set-up of the projector. Don’t be afraid to explore and buy a projector because the situation is completely different. For more details about the best 4K projectors under 2000, you can check out this guide.


How to Connect the Phone to The Projector Wirelessly?

Just disable Miracast on the tablet. Enable it on the phone, and you can witness the switch over of the screen.

How to Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Projector?

  • Switch on the projector for the Samsung tablet.
  • Turn the projector’s input to the Network.
  • Connect the android device through WiFi. Click Settings, then WiFi on the android after enabling WLAN.

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