10 Best Projectors for Tracing Images in 2022

Being an artist, improving your skills ought to be the only life goal. Seeing your jaw-dropping on a big canvas, isn’t it what you always want? Even after giving your best, there is always room for improvement. How about investing in the best projector for tracing images and taking your art to the next level?

Having an art projector can speed up your learning process from years to months. Sounds interesting, right?

Below is the list of the ten best digital projectors for artists.

Best Projectors for tracing Images

AuKing Mini ProjectorCompatible with 10+ devices Check Price
HOMPOW Mini ProjectorHigh-end noise reduction technology Check Price
GRC Mini ProjectorIn-built high-fidelity speakers Check Price
BenQ TH685Deep sound response Check Price
BenQ TK850HDR-PRO technology Check Price
FANGOR 5G Mini ProjectorDust-protected optical lens Check Price
BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector8.3 million distinct pixel display Check Price
BIGASUO Native 1080P70%-40% original image size Check Price
LG HU70LA 4K4K UHD CineBeam Check Price
UUO Native 1080P P6Native 1080P display Check Price

1. AuKing Mini Projector

AuKing Mini Projector Upgraded Portable Video-Projector

In a world of space-saving products, who want to invest in a projector that consumes the space of your whole working table? AuKing mini projector may seem compact but can out-rank leading projectors with its high-end performance.

The 1920 x 1080 resolution offers 35% brighter images than the ordinary aftermarket projectors. The 32 x 170 inches display with a 1-5mm throw distance seals the high-end display.

The in-built speakers eliminate the need for external speakers. The 2600 lumens count adds the sprinkle of the brighter display, be it indoor or outdoor use. The advanced LED bulb with 55,000 hours lamp life is extended for 5 hours a day and 15 years of lifetime.

The AuKing mini projector is compatible with 10+ devices. The connectivity options you need include USB type C and an HDMI. With a contrast ratio of 2000:1, AuKing mini projector is the picture-perfect match for you.

  • LCD large display.
  • Extended lamp life.
  • In-built stereo speaker.
  • Compatible with 10+ devices.
  • Space-saving option.
  • Focus dial doesn’t work.
  • Poor quality.

2. HOMPOW 5500L Mini Projector

HOMPOW 5500L Mini Projector

While getting on the journey of getting the digital projector for artists, you ought to discern multiple options. Each option is best in its shoes, but how to ensure that the outlay will be worth it? Invest in HOMPOW 5500L mini projector and take your experience to the next level.

The dead-silent projector is pretty innovative in design with multiple device compatibility. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4000 lumens, and 50,000 hours lamp life to last for 30 years.

The brightness power is 80% more than the aftermarket projectors. From installation to adjustment, the whole process is pretty simple. The remote controller makes the controlling pretty effortless than ever.

The noise reduction technology is the cherry on the top. Focus on your movie without bothering by the surrounding noise. The projection size is 50-176 inches, perfect for video gaming, picture tracing, and movie nights.

  • 80% brighter display than ordinary projectors.
  • High-end noise reduction technology.
  • Extended lamp life.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.
  • Remote controller.
  • Not compatible with Netflixing due to copyright strike.
  • Poor compatibility with Android devices.

3. GRC Mini Projector

GRC Mini Projector

Proceeding with the list, now we are presenting you with GRC mini projector- the best projector for drawing on walls. As an artist, you should not let your passion down by getting annoyed with poor-quality projectors. With that said, have a GRC mini projector.

The high definition 1080 pixels resolution with a 3000:1 contrast ratio is ideal for tracing images on the wall. The throw distance ranges between 1-5 meters.

Whether you want to connect your PC, phone, laptop, or game host, or DVD player, the multi-interface compatibility lets you connect hustle-free. The connectivity interfaces include VGA, USB, HDMI, AV, and TF.

With the built-in high-fidelity speakers, there is no need to connect additional speakers. You have 15 degrees positive and negative image trapezoidal to prevent image distortion, perfect for image tracing.

The lamp life is 45,000 hours, with 4 hours of daily use and 30 years of lifespan. The ingenious design cooling fans keep the projector calm even after hours of continuous use. The built-in noise reduction technology works with the range.

  • Built-in noise reduction technology.
  • An affordable option.
  • In-built high-fidelity speakers.
  • Multi-interface compatibility.
  • High definition display.
  • Complex installation.
  • Noisy fan operation.

4. BenQ TH685 1080p 4K Projector

BenQ TH685 1080p 4K Projector

It will be a white lie if you say you hadn’t heard about BenQ. Among all the leading brands available in the marketplace, BenQ is one of them. The best part is, this brand falls in every price category. Let us put light on the features of the TH685 4K projector.

3,500 is the ANSI lumen count of this 4K projector. 1080-pixels ready resolution powers the projector for a high-end crystal clear display.

The most out-ranking feature is the HDR10 technology. This technology enhances the blacks and white lumen character for a brighter viewing experience.

The response rate is ultra-fast for smooth image tracing. As BenQ is a renowned gaming projector, you can store your collection of games on the projector. The versatile multi-device compatibility makes this projector the best gaming partner with every device.

With stellar sound quality, you can play video and continue your image tracing without getting bored- the lens auto shifts per the room size. Using the vertical keystones, you can alter the image size per demand.

  • 3 xs zoomed display.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Customized sound modes.
  • Deep sound response.
  • Three display modes; music, sports, and cinema.
  • Costly.
  • Manufacturing quality is poor.

5. BenQ TK850 True 4K Projector

BenQ TK850 True 4K Projector

The list of the best projector for tracing images without mentioning the BenQ TK850 true 4K projector is incomplete. Like the previous model, TH685, TK850 is also a 4K projector.

With cinematic color technology, get ready to draw artistic pictures on the wall. The resolution power is 3840 x 2160 pixels. On top of that, the HDR-PRO technology finalizes the images’ results to be crisper and glassy. The dynamic IRIS exclusively enhances the color contrast with the DCI-P3 technology.

About lumen count, that is 3000. The auto color mapping alters the image display per the room light requirement. HDR brightness expands the display result while the HDR mode is ON.

The 10-watt in-built speaker is perfect for gaming, movie streaming, and music experience. Use the multi modes, cinema, game, sports, and music and enjoy the way you want.

The vivid colors in the ambient lighting perfectly balance the brightness ratio as the demand. The 10-element lens is specialized to sharpen, brighten, and clear the images.

  • 10-element lens.
  • 10-watt in-built speaker.
  • HDR-PRO technology.
  • Dynamic IRIS.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Minimal video noise.
  • No streaming apps.

6. FANGOR 5G Mini Projector

FANGOR 5G Mini Projector

Selecting the best projector for tracing images ought to be a nerve-racking task. After discerning lumen count, display size, and technology, you somehow make the final choice. The next projector we are presenting you with is a 5G mini projector by FANGOR.

Yet this mini projector is new in the market but seeing its reputation, it doesn’t seem like it is new here. Let us talk about its features and specifications.

The contrast ratio this projector offers is 2000:1 with a full HD native display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With an anti-dust and advanced low noise design, this projector is rocking in its users’ hearts.

The optical components of the projector are protected with an anti-dust seal, displaying crystal clear images. Moreover, the ±45° keystones let you correct or zoom the image the way you want.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is perfect for wireless streaming mode. The customized case increases the portability of the projector. The 300 inches large display lets you focus on every detail while tracing images with the image projector.

  • Wireless streaming.
  • Dust-protected optical lens.
  • Full HD native display.
  • 45° keystones.
  • Mobile phone compatibility for controlling.
  • Poor quality.
  • No streaming apps except YouTube.

7. BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector

Before discussing the features, let us tell you one thing about this projector. Besides tracing images on walls with this projector, you can also use this for streaming movies as it is the best projector for home theater.

The 3000-lumen count with the ambient lighting smoothly defines the pixel for tracing on walls. With the 8.3 million distinct pixel display, get ready for the awe-struck image quality.

The Native contrast ratio has the best black and white balancing. Whether you use the projector indoor or outdoor, the image quality will be sharp and clear. The 4K optimized lens is something that is worth being mentioned.

A total of 7 elements are present in 4 groups. The array from the 4K lens is with more inclusive light balancing and sharp image quality. DLP technology adds sprinkles of coolness to the image quality.

An in-built 5-watt speaker lets you hear the audio while tracing images. The vertical keystones present are for altering the image view. Lamp life is extended up to 15,000 hours. Isn’t it the best projector for tracing images?

  • Auto keystones.
  • 7 elements 4K lens.
  • DLP display technology.
  • 3000 lumens.
  • 3 million distinct pixel displays.
  • Pretty expensive.
  • Quality could be better.

8. BIGASUO Native 1080P Projector

BIGASUO Native 1080P Projector

Wireless streaming and high built-in quality doesn’t make a projector the best art projector for tracing images. It must have a high lumen count with a native HD display. Amazingly, the BIGASUO projector is what we are talking about.

The majority of us believe that the larger the projector display, the blur will be the image quality. Well, the scenarios are different with the BIGASUO native projector. The display resolution is 1920 x 1080 full HD Native. The implementation of the latest displaying technology eliminates image blurring even around the edges.

With the maximum 7000L brightness, get ready to enjoy a clear display indoor and outdoor as well. The built-in stereo speakers with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity give the thrilling experience of cinema.

±15 keystone lets you alter the image viewing as per taste. A total of 4 zoom levels are present, ranging from 70%-40%. The LED light source is low-flickering and more stable.

The dead-silent cooling fans keep your best projector for tracing images cool at room temperature regardless of the long hours of use.

  • LED light source.
  • Full HD Native display.
  • 70%-40% original image size.
  • Built-in stereo speakers.
  • ±15 keystone.
  • Sound issue.
  • Not as per advertisement.

9. LG HU70LA 4K UHD Smart Projector

LG HU70LA 4K UHD Smart Projector

If money is no such case for you because you want an HD Native display with high-end built-in quality, then make sure to invest in LG HU70LA 4K UHD innovative projector.

With LG HU70LA, meet the never-ending cinematic experience at home. The 4K UHD CineBeam with innovative LED light technology displays jaw-dropping image quality. Besides having a remote controller, you can also operate the projector with voice commands. Isn’t it amazing?

Whether you mount the projector on a wall, ceiling, or place it on the floor. The image quality will be per demand. The zooming feature is improved up to 1.25 times.

With the versatile connectivity feature, LG HU70LA is undoubtedly the best projector for tracing images. Connect your devices wirelessly with the projector and draw whatever models you want. Miracast and Bluetooth are the wireless connectivity modes.

How can we forget to mention the TruMotion technology? This technology is a plus point for animation tracing. The frames fluidly display the images to look more realistic.

  • TruMotion technology.
  • 25 xs improved zooming.
  • 4K UHD CineBeam.
  • Innovative LED light technology.
  • Voice controller.
  • Pricey.
  • No in-built speakers.

10. UUO Native 1080P P6 Projector

UUO Native 1080P P6 Projector

Let us wrap up the review section with the UUO Native 1080P P6- the last best projector for tracing images. Adopting pixel technology is the out-ranking feature of this projector.

The lamp life is extended up to freaking 50,000 hours to keep the performance on the track. Not forget to mention, the lumen count is 7200. Previously it was 6000 lumens.

Advanced manual and electronic ±50° are for altering the viewing the experience as per demand. The contrast ratio is 8000:1, ideal for wide-angle viewing.

With automatic power correction and in-built stereo speakers, enjoy a cinematic experience at home. Screen viewing size is 50-300 inches giant. Using the remote controller, you can adjust the screen size to 75% original.

How can we forget to mention the advanced cooling fans? The advanced cooling fans keep the inner machinery cool even after hours of continuous use. On top of that, the noise production of fans is pretty bearable.

  • 6000 lumens.
  • Image adjustment up to 75% original.
  • 50-300 inches giant screen size.
  • Advanced cooling fans.
  • Native 1080P display.
  • Lumen count is not as mentioned.
  • Built-in quality could be better.

Do Artists Need an Art Projector for Tracing?

The majority of us consider the projectors are for theater and educational use only. Little did we know, the application is more versatile than we think of it. The previous question is, do artists need an art projector for tracing? Yes, they do.

As technology is getting advanced, the ways of showcasing skills are also getting smarter. Artists when using the best projector for tracing images show awe-struck results.

If you are an artist, whether professional or beginner, you should opt for an art projector. According to experts, a projector for beginning artists is more beneficial as it polishes their tracing skills.

The Best Projector for Tracing Images – Buying Guide

Finding the best digital projector for artists is a hustle, but undoubtedly a big deal as the tracing experience you will enjoy depends on it.

Here we are discussing some of the factors that need to be discerned while opting for the best option.

1. Lumen Count

The foremost thing to keep your key focus on is the lumen count. In simple terms, lumen count defines how bright or dull the image quality will be. Since you are an artist and need to focus on every detail, keep the lumen count high.

The least you should go with is 3000 lumens. At this lumen count, you not only can trace images indoors but can also relish the nature vibes outdoor without narrowing your eye to focus on the image.

2. Resolution

The second thing that comes up is the resolution quality of the screen. Most of the time, folks focus on the lumen count, ignoring the resolution quality of the screen. It is puerile to say; the resolution does not matter in an art projector.

For tracing images on a wall, you will display digital files that necessitate a high-resolution screen to maintain the sharpness and blurring effect of the screen.

For digital projectors, the higher the resolution quality, the sharper the images. Never go less than 1920 x 1080 pixels. Even better, if you consider the full HD Native display.

3. Connectivity

How are you supposed to display pictures or digital files without connecting your projector with your devices? Your connectivity mode can be your mobile phone or laptop. These connectivity modes demand high-end compatibility.

In wired connections, HDMI and USB cables are a must. The additional features to look for are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Of course, you do not carry USB and HDMI cables all the time. For that, make sure the digital projector for artists has wireless connectivity.

4. Noise Production

Noisy operation of the projector is such a headache. Suppose you decide to draw something on the wall and make the surrounding dead silent. Everything is fine, but don’t you think the noisy fan is bothering your comfort?

Make sure to check the noise rate before finalizing the deal with the retailer. The cooling fans should be dead-silent in performance regardless of the long-running hours.

5. Portability

An artist never deserves to stay inside the four-wall room. The more you observe, the more you pour out your creativity. Suppose you are having an art completion in your high school and decided to take your projector along to show your skills. What if the art projector is heavy?

Always select a projector that is light in weight and slim in design to be carried effortlessly. Usually, the projectors weigh between 3-15 pounds. The maximum to go with is 10 pounds.

Our Pick

So you can’t decide on the best projector for tracing images and need our opinion? Here is our pick!

BenQ TK850 True 4K projector and AuKing mini projector are the two best projectors you should opt for. From the resolution quality, lumen count, screen size, and connectivity modes, everything is perfect.

Nevertheless, you may not like the two products as your priority list can be different. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel confident around it.


See? Isn’t it amazing to opt for the best projector for tracing images and take your tracing experience to the next level?

In this article, we have covered every single aspect you need to know about the art projector. While opting for the projector, make sure to sneak peek at the buying guide.

Lastly, do you have any queries? Drop it down in the comment section below.


What is the best projector for art tracing?

The best art projector to opt for is none other than the BenQ TK850 True 4K projector. The projector has a 10-elements lens, HDR displaying technology, Dynamic IRIS, and a 10-watt built-in speaker. What can you even ask for more?

How do you trace an image on a projector?

Switch ON the projector and project the display on your canvas or a plain wall. Now the shadow you saw on the surface, trace your hands on it. Make sure the projection is straight, not poignant. Otherwise, your tracing will be distressing.

How do I choose a projector for my art?

Check the lumen count, displaying technology, noise production of cooling fans, weight, resolution quality, and connectivity modes. While deciding on the projection size and throw distance, consider your canvas or wall size.

Is an art projector worth it?

Of course! Nothing can be better than investing in an art projector to polish your skills if you are beginning in the field. In the beginning, your hands must shake to focus on the lines. Having a projector will make your tracing stable and cleaner.

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