Best Projector Under 150 of 2022 – Complete Guide

A long time ago, people were used to watching movies and cartoons on the television and for video games. Many of them even depend on television. They used to consider TV or other mediums to be more comfortable, reasonable, and user-friendly, but their misconceptions were due to unawareness from the projector.

Projectors are not expensive; you can find a vast range of projectors in the market with different features. You can now play all your videos, your projects, and presentations on your projector, and above that, you can get the best projector for under 150 dollars. Yeah, you read it right under 150 dollars.

You can figure out, we have reviewed the top products here, along with their features, pros, and cons- the detailed review. Among these products, Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector is a victorious projector that beats all others in its features. The image quality. Built-in speakers and connectivity are excellent.

It is strongly recommended!

For a quick review, and you can glance through our Comparison Table, it will prove very advantageous for you.

1. Dr. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector

DR J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector

When you have a HI-04 projector in your home, you will feel like you are in your home theater with the incredible sound, picture, and connectivity facilities. This mini projector is portable, and you can put it inside your room or out in your park to get together fun.

Key Features

H1-04 is a professional projector that you can easily use in your office and in the classroom to teach the kids or perform your presentation.

This small yet worthy projector’s screen size is 176 inches, giving an outstanding view to the viewer. Your movie fun will be doubled, your presentation and lecture will be more efficiently delivered.

The efficient connectivity and plenty of ports make the use convenient and easy for everyone. This projector’s resolution is 1280-720 that gives an eye-catching and eye-soothing view, and the supportive resolution is 1920×1080. Both scenarios provide quality images, the most desired feature.

The list of impressive features continues with a contrast ratio that makes it perfect for games and movies. The connectivity of this projector is effortless and unchallenging, and the ports are also available in it. These all features together make it professional.

  • Excellent connectivity.
  • Size ranges: 32″ and 176”.
  • Not much suited for business presentation.
  • The bigger screen reduces the screen size.


Dr. J Professional is a multipurpose and multitasking projector that beautifully fulfills all your needs. If you want the best [projector under 150 then this projector will be a splendid item for you. Don’t delay bringing it at home- a highly recommended mini projector.

2. QKK Portable Mini Projector 5500

QKK Portable Mini Projector 5500

Were you searching for the best projector under 150? get happy because your weight is over because QKK 5500 is in the market with so many exclusive features. This projector is right according to your choice, from the size to the image quality, remarkable.

Key Features:

Q is a portable projector that you can take anywhere. The fixed things sometimes become limited to a particular area, but the things that are easy to handle, lift, and can be carried are fantastic. Similarly, this projector is also lightweight, compact, and portable that you can for entertainment, educational, and professional purposes.

You can enjoy a group gathering and individual view, indoor fun, and outdoor scenes through this projector. Though it is mini in size yet, its features are colossal and robust, fulfilling all the required needs.

This projector’s speakers deliver a clear, easily audible sound even when you are far away from the projector. You can connect this projector with wi-fi as well, and that’s quick and comfortable.

You can use this durable projector for long hours without any interruption. The lifespan of this portable and adorable projector is 50k hours- extraordinary!

  • Portable and convenient to carry.
  • Outstanding brightness.
  • Super long LED lamp.
  • The screen is not very wide.


QKK mini projector is a portable and lightweight projector that you can take anywhere according to your desire. Set it in your park and enjoy your movie time with your family. Or cheer your favorite season in the smugness of your home; it is all your choice.

3. 5500L WiFi Mini Projector

5500L WiFi Mini Projector

This mini projector offers optimal resolution and a quality view with excellent resolution. Mini things are often not very worthy and supreme in quality, but this 5500L projector is. Don’t spend even a small amount if the item is not honourable, but getting a durable and reliable product at the least amount is not a bad deal.

Key Features:

The latest and updated mini projector features make it the best projector under 150; you indeed get a well-maintained product at a highly fair price.

The LCD of this sturdy projector shows fine images at 800 x 480 pixels that show vivid and bright photos; the contrast ratio is also fantastic than delivers the cinematic effects. You will feel like you are enjoying your movies at the theater on a big screen.

This LCD video projector makes sure to produce and deliver brighter and colourful images at a nice 800 x 480p screen resolution. The projector also supports multiple ports for external connections so you can enjoy your favourite games on big screens.

Anyone can operate this project due to its well-maintained and specific features. The compatibility, connectivity, and productivity of the projector are excellent, as expected. Obviously, at 150 dollars, we can not expect something very royal, but a well-crafted projector is undoubtedly possible and delivered.

This projector’s connectivity is vast, and the facility to operate it remotely is also a user-friendly option. This projector offers unchallenging connectivity with monitors, IOS, and android. This versatile monitor can be efficiently used in daylight as well as night, a friendly product.

  • Fair Price.
  • Multiple Connection Choices.
  • High Resolution.
  • The sound quality is not very good.


Multiple projectors in the market fall in the list of 150 dollars, but you need to select the one that fits your needs. This projector delivers high-quality images, doesn’t compromise on the quality, and gives this great projector a chance.

4. Bomaker Wi-Fi Portable Mini Projector

Bomaker Wi-Fi Portable Mini Projector

Bomaker projector booms your viewing fun by offering supreme and exclusive features at an affordable price. This mini monitor offers HD display to its users, manifolds better than parts of the TV.

Key Features

Bomaker is a portable projector that you can take to different places due to its small size and lightweight. This projector makes the movie time real entertaining due to portability because you can shift your area according to the weather and mood.

This projector is ready to use even when it comes out of the box, with no effort to install, adjust, or attach because everything is already done. This projector is made based on the space conservation plan as it takes up very little space in your room or office.

Also, this projector’s connection with the computer is also straightforward and time-saving; moreover, the wireless connectivity makes its use more organized and managed. You can see running images in your projector that contain bright colours, high resolution, accurate contrast size, and clear sound in very few steps.

Bomaker’s mini projector’s frame size ranges from 35″ to 300″ that gives an excellent view for full HD 1080p, and the built-in speakers develop a surprisingly robust sound that is loud yet soothing to the ears. Like other projectors, the connectivity of this projector is also reliable.

  • Functional product with aesthetic design.
  • The size of the projector is excellent.
  • Wireless Screen Cast.
  • The focus isn’t super bright.


If your extensive research makes you fed up and you cannot find a user-friendly projector, don’t get disappointed because we have Bowmaker for you. It is a projector that delivers fine, vivid, and bright image quality to you and its users.

5. Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector

Jinhoo Mini Overhead Projector

Jinhoo is a mini projector that is mini only in size, but all other features are hugely significant, extraordinary, and worth having. Investing once in a grand project is better than once again searching for a new product and buying that.

Key Features

Jinhoo Mini Overhead projector is the best projector under 150 because it emits vibrant colours, clear pictures, and high quality. You can watch a fantastic image quality even from far away due to the excellent resolution.

The Wi-Fi connection resolves connectivity issues as you can connect it with your mobile while sitting at your place. The struggle of standing, adjusting, and managing is omitted when you have this Jinhoo projector with you, at the home, office, or in your classroom.

From the list of the best projectors under 150, this projector is the lightest one yet stunning as well because in a small size it offers features like heaviest price. You can also change the panel size of this projector.

Having a good screen is not enough until you have a great stereo. The built-in stereo of this projector makes it a complete package for its users.

This projector contains good connectivity of ports that makes the connectivity. Turn on and off this compact projector quickly accessible.

  • Excellent image quality even in the dark.
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • Packed with multiple features like AV, HDMI, VGA, USB.
  • Clear images need effort in adjustment.


What if this projector is small? The features are colossal and beneficial. The wi-fi connectivity makes its connectivity quick and prompt. So, if you want a projector that is portable yet well-crafted, give it a shot!

6. BIGASUO HD Portable Mini Projector

BIGASUO HD Portable Mini Projector

Bigasuo HD is a projector that contains ultra high quality and offers optimal images. You can perform any of the tasks on this projector, watch movies, present your work or display any other thing of your choice with a quality result, bright colors, and stunning contrast.

Key Features

Various projectors take ample time while getting on and off. Furthermore, while unpacking them, you need to exert a lot of effort in installation, but it usually is not like that. You can try Bigasuo HD, which offers a grand colour scheme and prompt in getting on.

This projector’s ultra features pay off its price as it is quick in its installation and fast in other functions that make the user very happy. The feature delivery is the same as the company says.

This projector offers 1080p, and delivering a much higher resolution at such a low price is a remarkable feature. This projector also contains a fan that keeps it cool and efficient at every second. you can enjoy the continuous use of this projector; no interruption, no power break, and not any glitch. The fan of this project is also quiet and calm to provide you with noiseless experience.

The Bluetooth of this projector makes the connectivity fast and effortless. Moreover, wi-fi adds more fun to it. This multifunctional projector also contains a hi-class built-in monitor- perfect image with perfect sound.

You can attach your mobile, desktop, USB, flash drive, iPhone, iPad, and many more- easy networking and comfortable use.

  • Multiple Slots for Connection.
  • Noiseless Projector.
  • High-Screen Resolution.
  • It doesn’t support Dolby Sound.


If you want a projector that is easy to install and quick to operate, there is no better choice than the Bigasuo HD projector. It swiftly comes to its working mode, contains multiple ports, and is extremely quiet.

7. Crenova 4500 Lux Portable Phone Projector

Crenova 4500 Lux Portable Phone Projector

Crenova 4500 Lux is a projector with an accurate contrast ratio, sturdy body, lightweight, and multiple uses to make the fun happen. Usually, things create a disturbance, lagging, and glitch in the work that annoys everyone. Therefore, Crenova 4500 Lux comes with fantastic features to deliver stunning results.

Key Features

Crenova Phone Projector works with higher resolution, 1920×1080, to offer great features image quality quite competing with cinematic work.

The contrast ratio of this projector is 3K:1, and 5500-lumen is its brightness. There is no need to attach the external speakers because the built-in speakers of this projector are of exceptional quality as investing in such a product is different. This portable led projector delivers a viewing distance between 3.7~19.7ft.

This projector’s connection with a smartphone, Xbox, USB Drive, and tablets, laptops can easily connect with this projector, which is a fantastic feature. This HD projector can be controlled with a remote and offers 50k hours of daily use.

  • Multiple connectivity and input options.
  • Incredible loudspeakers.
  • Remote control.
  • Manual could use some work.
  • 480p native resolution.


If you want to entertain a high-quality image with fantastic sound, grab Crenova 4500 Lux. a great product at a low price!

8. VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector

VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector

Vankyo Leisure Projector is a projector that contains a 4W stereo built-in speaker to cherish the sound of your choice. This ideal projector’s projection size is 32 to 176 inches that offer a great view to the user regardless of the small size.

Key Features

Vankyo Leisure is a complete package to have with all ports, great style, perfect sound, and superb size to maintain its uniqueness. The projector contains a fan to keep the projector cool while it is working. In this way, the projector offers uninterrupted performance for a long day.

This projector’s provided resolution is marvelous, 1920×1080 or full HD, which is always good to go. Further, the monitor’s multiple input types make it more competent in style and great in connectivity.

Input types of this ideal projector are USB, AV, USB, AV, VGA, VGA, TV BOX, HDMI. The maximum viewing size of this projector is 170 for a big view.

The bulb life of this projector is expected to be 40k superbly long. The brightness contrast of this projector is also incredible and has a significant impact on video quality. Vankyo Leisure offers an easy and quick setup to enjoy whatever you want to play on the projector.

  • HDMI built-in port.
  • 170” Maximum viewing size.
  • Stunning HD resolution.
  • The built-in battery is missing.
  • fits on the small business projects.


Vankyo Leisure is a leisure-seeking projector with professional features, a long-lasting body that offers uninterrupted delivery to the users. Purchasing this projector is a wise investment because it is a durable and lifetime item.

Buyer Guide for Projectors under 150 Dollars

The following guide will help you to get a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting projector that will get less-maintaining effort and price yet delivers quality results to its user. Let’s have a look at the must-having features of a mini projector that is under 150 dollars!


Projectors are of different designs, and you need to select one that is suitable for you and fits your choice. There are wired and wireless projectors in the market. Wireless projectors can be operated with wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Wired projectors demand a proper plug-and-play option for their functions.


A portable projector can be taken anywhere you want due to its lightweight and elegant design. You can use such a projector for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

Before investing in any projector, look at your demanding list, then pick the one accordingly and confidently.

Contrast Ratio and Brightness

Consider the contrast ratio and brightness of the projector at the time of purchase. The perfect comparison ratio will deliver you an ideal view like cinematic. Enjoy home cinema through your ideal pick-up because, indeed, you can avail yourself of even pro features under 150 dollars.

Life of Lamp

The lamp’s increased life is advantageous for a projector, and it is usually 50k hours a day that keeps the projector running all the time. The life of the lamp can vary.


Checking the compatibility of the projector ensures that whether the projector will work efficiently with different devices. Check all the projector ports and their connectivity with other devices like iPhone, iPod, USB, laptop, etc.


Projectors also have built-in speakers that give the perfect sound to the user. You are suggested to check the quality of the speaker as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best quality projector under 150?

Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector is the best quality projector as it offers a combination of super-quality material, ergonomic design, and super-duper features to cherish.

Are cheap projectors under 150 worth it?

Obviously, cheap projectors are worth buying because, many times, quality is not associated with the price tags. Often, buyers get disappointments from higher brands. You are supposed to find your desired features in the projector, regardless of considering it is cheap.

Should I buy a projector or TV?

Television is getting outdated in many regards, style, features, and quality. The projector is the latest technology with the updated features and elegant design, and you can take your projector anywhere to play your favorite thing at your favorite place. Compact, portable, and lightweight projectors let you enjoy your work or movies in the comfort of a room or the fresh air.

Do projectors consume a lot of electricity?

Nope, projectors do not use a lot of or extra electricity while they are working. The standby mode of the projectors saves electricity. If you ever find any difference, the result will be very minimal.

How long can a projector run continuously?

It mostly depends on the projector’s type, but primarily projectors run for 3000-5000 hours.


That said, this list of the best projector under 150 comes to an end. Now that you have all the information you can choose your desired product from the list of unbiased reviews. Our experts also recommended one top product to make sure you don’t have to spend too much time with the research.

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