Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use of 2022

Outdoor projectors spice up the cool breezy sunlit afternoons before winters. We all want that, right.

But how will you find the best outdoor projector for daytime use? How would you know that two same-looking boxes are different? Lots of questions Start popping up when you think about an outdoor projector.

We are here to light your tunnel. In this article, we are going to review some of the 5-star options. The post packs honest reviews on the top 10 best outdoor daytime projectors with professional buying tips.

So, let’s get rolling!

The Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use 2022 – Comparison Table

Let’s take a quick sneak peek of the most dramatic features of our picks. Brace yourselves!

1. Optoma GT1090HDR – Best Reliable Projector Option for Daytime

Daytime projectors need more brightness juice. The GT1090HDR has the desired lumens and lamp hours. Let’s take a look at a projector, which claims both.

Long-Lasting Light Source

Lamp changing is the most tiring task for a projector owner. Optoma claims the top of our list due to its maintenance-free operation.

It uses a laser light source with extended working hours to almost 30,000 hours. Now you can enjoy a worry-free daytime theatre without carrying a spare lamp!

Increased Brightness

Lumens determine if a projector serves as the best outdoor projector for daytime use or not. Optoma GT1090HDR has over 4,200 lumens which offer incredible colors and picture quality in blinding sunlight.

With the sun shining bright, open a soda can and get on with your show.

Image Adjustments

Screen sizes vary largely when you are building an outdoor theatre. Will you always have the ideal screen sizes? Nope, not quite.

The image adjustment feature comes in handy when you don’t want to carry a projector screen. Its Auto keystone adjustment and all corner correction stole our hearts.

  • Super-short throw.
  • Stylish design.
  • Attractive picture quality.
  • Outdoor operation.
  • Can’t project 4K media.

2. GooDee 8500L Outdoor 1080p Projector – Fantastic Theater Experience

The first thing which you notice about this is the exterior. The design is pretty much mesmerizing as the other features.

Top-Notch Brightness

A projector with upgraded brightness levels. Who would’ve thought that? But it’s here in a remarkably updated version.

The 80% extra brightness and increased contrast ratio make it an ideal pick for an outdoor projector.

Great Cooling System

You don’t always have a suitable temperature in an outdoor location. Long hours of projection heats the projector, leading to malfunctioning.

The GooDee 8500L comes with an advanced heat disposing system. Even after hours of use, it gets slightly warm.

Built-In Speakers

Carrying an extra pair of speakers ruins the charm of the trip. That is why the GooDee 8500L comes with a pair of powerful built-in speakers.

They deliver the best sound throw in open locations. Its striking sound experience and aesthetic design make it the best outdoor projector for daytime use.

  • High-end LED light source.
  • Multi-directional projection.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Easy multiple device connectivity.
  • Fumbling remote control.

3. GRC Mini Projector – Ultra Clarity without Noise  

Conventionally, mini things have minimum features. But the GRC beast offers all the perks in a miniature size. Want to see what grabbed our attention?

High-Quality Projection

Projectors offering a good projection are pretty hefty. But the GRC surprised us with its out-of-the-box features.

The GRC here gives a full 1080p resolution. It offers amazing resolution along with a well-balanced 3000:1 contrast ratio and comfy projection distance.

Its versatility of projection size and distance make it an authentic budget buy.

Distortion-Free Audio and Video

Most of the projectors we saw on our quest offered good performance. However, there was no solution for audio distortion.

Built-in speakers are present in most models. But zero distortion audio regardless of the volume levels sets GRC apart.

Distortion-free performance with compactness earned it the status of the best projector for outdoor daytime use in 2022.

Long Term Use

Durability is the most important when buying an electronic device. The GRC mini projector offers a longer companionship.

Its light source will last until the actual terminator shows up! Good quality cooling fan and quiet operation make it an ideal outdoor daytime projector.

In our happy quest, we found a concern. The issue we noticed was in the manual. It lacks the needed clarity.

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  • Upgraded display levels.
  • Versatile screen orientation.
  • Long-lasting light source.
  • 7 connectivity ports.
  • Vague instructions in manual.

4. BenQ TK850 – Dynamic 3D Projection and Gaming Aptitude

BenQ is a competitive name in the projector industry. Let’s dive into the TK850 that won the hearts of many.

Lights-On Viewing

The TK850 is the best outdoor projector for daytime use with its booming display results in outdoor setups.

Its precise brightness adjustments and the number of lumens are well-adapted for lit environments. Now you can schedule your TV show and a picnic party on a bright Sunday morning.

Next-Level Gaming Experience

Maybe you are looking for a projector to play games in daylight. Is there anything for that? BenQ answers you in the affirmative.

Versatile modes ignite your ordinary gaming experience to the next level. The zooming-in feature lets you experience your favorite games more realistically and intensely.

The best thing we found about this projector is the consistent sharpness and clarity after zoom.

Adaptive HDR Brightness

The HDR brightness level is something only a few projectors handle well. But the TK850 shocked us with its highly adaptive brightness.

We love the hyper-realistic picture quality and crisp 4K images. It maintains clarity in lit places and thus serves as the best daytime 4k projector.

  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Good speaker sound.
  • Wonderful black levels.
  • Automatic iris for an enhanced experience.
  • Warranty issues.

5. ViewSonic Px701HD – Powerful Streaming With Less Latency

The projectors from ViewSonic are simply remarkable. But why did we only include the PX701HD in our list?

Theater like Experience

How can a home projector act as a theatre one? Well, here is the living proof. Its terrific lumens and HD resolution of 1920 by 1080p on a 32-inch screen give a spectacular experience.

The 3500 lumens and picture clarity in sunlit settings crown it as the best outdoor projector for daytime use.

No Lag

Let’s say you fall into the class of gamers. And the slightest lag disrupts everything? Will ViewSonic be able to make it work?

On the bright side, it can. It offers a higher response rate with reduced latency of 16ms. Now you can conquer your mission on a daytime trip with zero lag!

Integration with Streaming Devices

Streaming devices and projectors make a great pair. But, not all projectors have the same compatibility.

Bid farewell to connectivity worries with PX701HD.  It effortlessly pairs with any streaming device you desire. Its impeccable features at a competitive price earned it the status of best daylight projector in 2022.

  • Easy setup.
  • 3500 lumens for bright environments.
  • Good quality speakers.
  • Flexible connectivity for the ultimate experience.
  • Horizontal keystone absent.

6. BenQ TH685 – Playstation Compatibility and Outclass 4K Experience

BenQ TH685 is another strong case for 4K viewing and an ultimate outdoor gaming experience.

Picture Size Versatility

BenQ TH685 is primarily famous for its picture versatility. Why does picture size matter? Take it from us, an Avengers movie will be marvelous in the big picture.

The context of maximum picture output by TH685 is lovely.

It can project variable sizes of pictures even in small places! It is useful when you are building an outdoor theatre in your backyard.

Customizable Audio

Projectors often have a reputation for excellent sound quality. But who would’ve thought about customized sounds? A razor Edge feature indeed.

Customizable audio levels levitate your user experience like nothing else.

Not only the customizable audio, but you can also adjust the picture size using keystones. The keystone adjustment is a must when you have an unusual screen size to accommodate.

Custom Modes

Have you ever noticed loud volume disrupts the vocal sounds? The intelligent system in TH685 has a legendary adjustment to varying sounds.

You hear everything from the delicate sounds of footsteps to the blasting sounds in brilliance. Different adaptive modes for Cinema, music, and sports make it the best projector for daytime use.

  • Speedy response for gaming.
  • Outdoor application.
  • Inspiring black levels for in-depth images.
  • 100 inches wide projection.
  • Lesser lamp life compared to similar products.

7. Optoma UHD35 – Remarkable Picture Adjustments

Optoma is one of the largest brands in the projector domain. The UHD35 has two times the magnetism.

Enhanced Viewing with HDR and HLG

HDR and HLG combined in one unit? No one would believe it on the first day. But the Optoma claims the goodness of both and, reviews justify it!

Solid black levels mixed with super bright white levels flare up the colors flashing off the screen. The perfection in pictures remains the same in daylight use as well.

4K Resolution

HD resolution only offers 1920 x 1080 resolution, which appears blurry to the eyes with a 4K craving.

Optoma UHD35 offers 4K output.  It has twice the brightness and clarity compared to an ordinary 1920 to 1080 projector.

The ability to offer the same brilliance when the sun is peeking in makes it the best outdoor projector for daytime use.

Despite all the cool features, the Optoma UHD35 lacks the lens shift feature. But if you have the space this shouldn’t be an issue.

Increased Image Throw and Contrast Levels

Until now, we saw projectors with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 but the Optoma UHD35 bombs away with its 1000000:1 contrast ratio.

Another breathtaking feature is the projection size. Unlike other projectors, the UHD35 projects up to 300 inches.

You can use an entire wall as a projector screen!

  • Advanced gaming features.
  • Native 2160 resolution.
  • 3600 lumens.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Lens shift absent.

8. UUO Native 1080P0 – Aesthetic Design and Picture Quality

The UUO projector offers some fabulous features which make it worthy of a try. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

High Native Resolution

So, the first thing customers see about a projector is the native resolution. The UUO provides a native 1080p.

Most 1080 projectors are unable to project 4K content. But this one here proves it breaks all chains. It has the perfect 4K projection with crisp images.

Extended Contrast Ratio for Daytime Use

Daylight requires more contrast levels for clear and perky projections. Luckily, the UUO 1080p projector offers an increased contrast ratio of 8000:1 to project detailed and sharp pictures.

The powerful projection capacity for bright open-air setups makes it the best outdoor projector for daytime use.

Upgraded Lumens and Connectivity

Sometimes the projector has all the dream features but poor connectivity ruins all the fun.

The 7200 daytime projector lumens and wide-connectivity options make it the best pick for outdoor use.

The vertical and horizontal keystone adjustments melted us right away. Keystone adjustments come in handy for better use of screen space.

  • Supports streaming devices.
  • Excellent picture quality in bright places.
  • Up to 300 inches projection.
  • Long-lasting lamp.
  • Short per day work span.

9. WayGoal Movie Projector – Best Budget Buy For Daytime Outdoor Projector

Movie projectors have some prominent features like the sound quality and projection size. Let’s see how far the WayGoal runs for these features.

Easy Portability and Superb Sound

The portability of WayGoal is easier than breaking an egg. Its lightness and ability to fit in travel bags make it the best outdoor projector for daytime use.

Another notable thing is the sound. Despite its compactness, the sound quality is uncompromised. You can hear them clearly and accurately in noisy places.

Excellent Colors

Bright colors are the fruit of the perfect contrast ratio. It offers a tremendous contrast ratio for a mini projector.

The compactness of the projector may tempt you to buy it for office use. Do not! It can only handle a continuous workload of 3 to 5 hours. Long hours of usage are likely to damage the product.

Easy Usability

Being a movie projector, it supports screen mirroring using connectivity ports. You can use HDMI, AV, USB, and even the SD card connecting ports.

However, to use services like Netflix and HULU, you need a direct connection to a PC. It does not work with mobile phones.

Limited connectivity pushes the WayGoal projector back from its competitors.

  • Built-in speakers.
  • Easy setup.
  • LED light source.
  • 1080 p resolution.
  • Lower contrast ratio.

10. LG HU70LA – Advanced Tone Mapping and Framing Technology

Who can forget LG when talking about projectors? Let’s take a walkthrough of the HU70LA from LG.

UHD Resolution for Better Experience

The HU70LA comes with an ultra HD resolution which has intense colors and sharp images.

Outdoor daytime usage of the projector depends on the output resolution. HU70LA has the needed resolution and makes a good outdoor projector for daytime use.

AI Controlling Features

Voice commands prompts are convenient when you have to set up a movie and also watch the barbeque.

The AI module of the unit lets you set up your desired content without much hassle.

Although this model doesn’t have the needed lumens, its contrast ratio and picture clarity make it a good match for outdoor use.

No Color Loss Projections

Loss of color is a common practice among projectors. We pledge our respect to the LG HU70LA project’s crystal clear images with zero color loss than the traditional projectors.

It uses a wheel-less LED that prevents discoloration and projects lively images. The rainbow effect is away with the wheel-less LED mechanism.

  • LG WebOS for streaming.
  • 3840 x 2160 ultra-fine resolution.
  • Intelligent voice controlling system.
  • Color accuracy is like nothing else.
  • The contrast ratio needs improvement.

Our Pick for the Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use

Maybe you are still not sure which projector to buy. We are here at your rescue with our best pick.

We nominate the GooDee 8500L as our best pick. It has upgraded lumens along with good native resolution.

Other than that, it has a stylish exterior. Its unbeatable device connectivity and 5-year customer support earned our respect.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use

Buying your dream outdoor project that stands in the bright sun is child’s play. However, with the right track, you will be reaping the best products. Just keep an eye on the things we explain.

Below are some points which determine if a projector does well in the sun or not.

Lumens Are Important

The first and foremost thing in buying the best outdoor projector for daytime use is its brightness. Lumens determine the brightness.

You may understand this by taking an analogy. If you are using your phone in the bright sun, you increase the brightness. In projectors, lumens are nothing but the brightness level a projector produces.

The ideal number of lumens for daytime projectors ranges from 3000 to 5000. But, the ideal level is above 4000.

Bright projectors are expensive. Pick an appropriate option that fits your budget and has enough brightness.

Less Resolution isn’t acceptable

Only high-resolution projectors work best in the sun. You can pick a projector that has a native resolution of 1080 or 2160. However, more resolution means more price.

A satisfying option is a 1920 x 1080p projector. It will work well for both home and office. Subsequently, if you have the liberty you may try the 4K resolution.

Even on a budget, don’t settle for less than 1080p.

Contrast Ratio Is Equally Important

Undermining the contrast ratio leads to a poor viewing experience. Clear, sharp, and in-depth images are the results of a good contrast ratio.

When looking for the best outdoor projector for daytime use, always double-check the contrast ratio and HDR levels. Higher contrast ratios mean the images appear sharp and clear even in bright light.

The minimum contrast ratio is 2000:1. Don’t step behind that. If you have the luxury then you can also try out something with a higher contrast ratio.

Resolution and contrast ratio work in pairs. A good resolution gives brilliant colors while the perfect contrast ratios give balanced white and dark levels.

Compatibility Is a Must

Buying a projector that does not work with your desired device is not a smart thing. Before you make the decision make sure that it has compatibility with the device you plan to use it for.

Other Things Which Add To the Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use

Speakers: Built-in good speakers are a plus for outdoor projectors. It increases the portability and levels up the user experience.

Smart options: Voice recognition is an add-on. Although you get this for extra bucks it’s a good option to consider.

Throw ratio: There are three throw ratios. Average, short, and ultra-short. For an average projector, you need to place it 8 to 10 ft away from the screen.

A short-throw projector at 4 to 7 ft away and ultra-short at a distance of 2 to 3 feet. Remember, a shorter throw means more money.


It’s time to wrap up our discussion about the best outdoor projector for daytime use. Today we reviewed top picks for outdoor projectors, went through their features and pros and cons.

The magic procedure of how we selected these products is there in the buying guide. Lastly, we also shared our best pick for your ease.

With all that information pulsing through you, we are confident you will make an ideal decision.

Happy Streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many lumens for the outdoor daytime projector do I need?

Lumens ranging from 3000 to 5000 are best. However, for a daylight outdoor projector pick a projector with 4000 plus lumens.

2. Can you use a projector during the day inside your home?

Yes, you can use a projector in the daytime inside your home. If you do not have the projector specification for lit environments, darken the room by closing doors and curtains.

3. Is 1080 better than 4K?

They both have their perks. 1080p requires larger distances. 4K projectors have higher resolution and contrast ratios with short distances.

4. Will direct sun harm my projector screen?

All projector screens are sun-safe. You can easily use them in a sunlit environment. However, direct sunlight fades the projection despite the number of lumens.

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