BenQ TH685 Review: The Pros, Cons and Verdict

When it comes to projectors, few brands have made as strong of an impact on the industry as the BenQ brand has. They offer a wide range of different kinds of projectors that can be used in any situation and for any purpose. These include their home entertainment projectors, their portable projectors, and their Home Cinema Projectors among other options. Today, we are going to look at the BenQ TH685 review.

This is quite an impressive device and it is a long throw option. This means that unlike its short-throw peers, this device needs a larger space to operate in. so, if you have limited space, we do not recommend investing in this. It is best meant for larger rooms such as for conferences, presentations, or even for movie nights with the entire family! It is a medium-sized device and it is also quite moderately priced so that will attract many kinds of users.

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It is great for offices, businesses, and schools along with being a great option if you want a decent quality home cinema projector. You will need to be at approximately a distance of about 2.5 meters to project a decent enough screen. You can adjust the screen size but it goes up to 100-inches.

BenQ TH685 Review

Let’s talk about setup, controls, and sound:

In terms of setting up, the projector comes pretty much installed out of the box. You will just have to make some adjustments manually to the functions of the device. The zoom and focus dials are manual and are situated on top of the device while the image positioning can be done from a dial at the bottom. In case you wish to set the projector at a height, you will also receive a remote control to make adjustments. Nothing in this process is overly complicated and you will not require any professional help.

This device does come with a fan that can get quite hot but it is also quiet enough to not disrupt your viewing or learning experience. It only has around 50db of noise levels which can be ignored. It has a 5-watt inbuilt speaker that is loud enough that you won’t need to use any external audio device such as speakers.

How good are the image quality and color reproduction?

With regards to its color reproduction abilities, the TH685 has an impressive DLP chip that offers a native resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is combined with an impressive yet basic color wheel option that will offer a 6 segment color performance.

BenQ TH685 Review

While the resolution can be adjusted and it shifts automatically for gaming sessions, we think that this device’s standard settings are quite good on their own. At this price point, it offers excellent image quality and performance and the focus is quite easy to set up.

Let’s talk about its connectivity options

One of the most important aspects of any projection device has to be what kind of connectivity options it offers. This one is quite impressive in that regard because it is fitted with all of the necessary options at the back of the device. There are input options such as the 2 HDMI ports, a VGA in option, a USB port, and an option for HDCP 2.2. You will also get both 3.5mm input and output jacks. While the projector is not designed for receiving 4K signals, the HDMI ports will be able to manage with HDR content.

The one drawback of this aspect of connectivity is that the product comes with a power cable that is way too short to be plugged in if you want a permanent connection at a certain height, say on the ceiling.

Is it a good choice for gamers?

You might have heard quite a bit about the appeal this projector has amongst gamers and we do think it delivers in the best possible way but a slight catch! Yes, this projector can manage a very quick response time with 10ms but it does so at the cost of the contrast getting a little milky. You will love this product if you are a gamer that wants to play on a projector but also wants to reduce input lag as much as is possible.

However, it has a special feature up its sleeve that allows it to manage so well in this regard. The reason why this BenQ device functions so well even in just 1080p is due to its built-in game mode. This has smart capabilities that immediately sense that a gaming console is attached to the projector and therefore automatically increases the refresh rate and turns up the brightness as well.

Is the BenQ HT685 right for you?

Now that we have looked over all of the various features of this product, let’s figure out if the BenQ TH685 is the best device for you or not! If you are a little tight on budget and are perfectly fine with a 1080p viewing experience, then this product is great for you! This will not get you a 4K experience but it will grant you the largest screen you can get in an affordable price range.

Another user who will love this product is an avid gamer who cares more about overcoming input lag as compared to the best color reproduction. The contrast issues can easily be resolved by setting it up in your basement or a room with no ambient light seeping in!

In conclusion, we believe that this device is a great option for all those users who want a reliable and affordable experience. We hope that this review has been informative and helpful for our readers enough for them to get all the insight they need on the BenQ THH685 projector. This research is important because even if it is moderately priced, it is still a pretty big investment so you want to make the best and calculated decision.

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